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Tube - The Travel Pillow You Stuff With Clothes

A winning combination of functionality, versatility, and convenience for travelers everywhere. The revolutionary Tube travel pillow is more than just a pillow. It’s a practical solution that saves you money! 

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So Many Reasons Why More Than 50,000
Happy Customers Rely on the Tube

rely on the

So, What Makes The Tube Special?

Save Money

Eliminate excess baggage fees


From city escapes to outdoor adventures, the Tube's got your back, always

Peace of Mind

It's especially handy when you reach your destination, but your luggage takes a detour

2 in 1 Design

Works as a comfy pillow, and provides lumbar or neck support, when you stuff it with clothes

Travel Lighter & Save More Money

Just Zip, Clip & Go.

Easy to carry/use

Lumber & neck support

Comfortable travel pillow

No extra luggage fee when travelling

Vesartile to all occasions, travelling, hiking, riding etc.

Vesartile to all occasions.

Provide extra luggage

Packs in its own pocket

Travel Pillow

Fanny Pack




6 reviews

Tubular Travel Pillow & Pillow Case



Roomy & Comfy

Hold up to 3 days worth of clothes and enjoy the comfort and support when wrapped around your neck

Light Weight & Versatile

Extremely lightweight and there are a million ways to use your Tube – travel, hiking, dance classes & etc

Premium Quality & Durable

It’s simple, we use the best material to produce high quality products that stand the test of time

Innovative Design

Slim, nimble and easy to use! The Tube is designed for all kinds of occasions

Don’t just take our word for it...


“This held 4 shirts, 2 long sleeves, 1 yoga pant, 6 socks, and 1 no underwire bra. Super helpful for my trip to Germany. I love that this also can fold into itself and zip up for easy storage.”

Jennifer Gates


“This not only made a comfortable and adjustable neck pillow, it provided increased packing space/weight. It worked perfectly for an international trip! Definitely recommend!!”

Ivy Tucker


“I purchased this for a trip overseas – 9 hours on a plane. It allowed me to carry on extra “luggage” and was a very comfortable pillow. I was also able to hang it from the tray table to use as a foot rest.”

Shannon Caris


“Best Travel Pillow EVER!!!!!!!!.”

Joy Smith


Upgrade Your Travel Game. Buy Your Tube Today!

Experience Comfort, Convenience, and Extra Storage Space. All at Once

And while you’re at it, get one for a friend!

Founder’s Story

In 2009, Tubular Travel was born from a fantastic partnership between Paul and Donna Cooper Mellion, then husband and wife. Paul’s job required extensive global travel, faced a common woe: his luggage lagged behind.

Seeking to pack better, he turned to Donna, his clever wife. A gifted seamstress, Donna had an idea – she’d craft a special case, like a sleeping bag’s cozy home, to fit his jacket. She created 5 – 6 prototypes prior to arriving at the current product design.

And Voila! The rest is history…

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