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How it works

Packing Your Tube is Easy!


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Open the Zipper and pull out your Tube


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Lay out your clothes and roll them together the long way.


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Unzip your Tube at both ends, reach in and pull in your clothes past the zipper. There’s plenty of room in each end cap. Try packing socks and a sweater at one end and a travel blanket at the other for easy access.  


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Zip up the ends, clip them together or to your purse or other carry-on.


On board, wrap the Tube around your neck clipping a swivel hook to its opposite D-ring or use it for lumbar support


When empty, place your thumbs in each side of the pocket and roll it up like a pair of socks.

Let’s Hear It From Others

Versatubular in action!

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“A Great Travel Companion”

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“A Pretty Cool Travelling Gadget”

Don’t just take our words for it


“This held 4 shirts, 2 long sleeves, 1 yoga pant, 6 socks, and 1 no underwire bra. Super helpful for my trip to Germany. I love that this also can fold into itself and zip up for easy storage.”

Jennifer Gates


“This not only made a comfortable and adjustable neck pillow, it provided increased packing space/weight. It worked perfectly for an international trip! Definitely recommend!!”

Ivy Tucker


“I purchased this for a trip overseas – 9 hours on a plane. It allowed me to carry on extra “luggage” and was a very comfortable pillow. I was also able to hang it from the tray table to use as a foot rest.”

Shannon Caris

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