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We strive to make every adventure of yours better, cozier, and more memorable

Whether you’re jet-setting around the world or going on a road trip with pals, we’re here to give you that extra touch of comfort that makes a big difference.

Founder’s Story

In 2009, Tubular Travel was born from a fantastic partnership between Paul and Donna Cooper Mellion, then husband and wife. Paul’s job required extensive global travel, faced a common woe: his luggage lagged behind.

Seeking to pack better, he turned to Donna, his clever wife. A gifted seamstress, Donna had an idea – she’d craft a special case, like a sleeping bag’s cozy home, to fit his jacket. She created 5 – 6 prototypes prior to arriving at the current product design.

And Voila! The rest is history…

At Tubular Travel, we're all about making your life and your travels hassle-free.

The idea behind the Tube is to combine free extra luggage and a travel neck pillow, also saving up to $100 or more on luggage fees per trip

Travel with the Tube’s lightweight and space-saving design. It’s easy to carry for any adventure – from weekend getaways to outdoor fun

Built for the long haul, the Tube is a durable companion that ensures lasting comfort on all your adventures

Stylish design combining the best of both worlds, help you stay comfy and pack more for your journey

Don’t just take our words for it


“This held 4 shirts, 2 long sleeves, 1 yoga pant, 6 socks, and 1 no underwire bra. Super helpful for my trip to Germany. I love that this also can fold into itself and zip up for easy storage.”

Jennifer Gates


“This not only made a comfortable and adjustable neck pillow, it provided increased packing space/weight. It worked perfectly for an international trip! Definitely recommend!!”

Ivy Tucker


“I purchased this for a trip overseas – 9 hours on a plane. It allowed me to carry on extra “luggage” and was a very comfortable pillow. I was also able to hang it from the tray table to use as a foot rest.”

Shannon Caris

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